Author of atypical love stories and more, C. St. Sinclair loves love, puns, trickster gods and cats, among other things. Including a nice plate of fish.

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working under a pseudonym—
big surprise!

so i have very little to say…

i don't have 9 lives, but i usually have 2 birthdays a year

world traveler

was a raft once for a flotilla of dragonflies

studied english lit + was a tiny medieval scholar and spent a 1.5 years studying a varient of english that exists in only 4 poems

once upon a time, had a huge singing range, but that is now tiny too

logician I can sometimes be + once wrote a 130-character formula

taught in a medical school

am an artist (oils largely, but digital too which is fun)

can dance zydeco + once was in a belly dance video

am both passionate and silly

love the trickster gods
(but only when benign)

unwilling devotee of the cosmic pony
(you only know it's there when you are being taken for a ride)

was a perch for a humming bird

sang karaoke in a chinese brothel

+ was carried by litter into a chinese temple
(once and oh my!)

can speak a little of several languages including some vietnamese (and sometimes can be understood)

i can hang out with the eagles, but i really am a crow. i like to hang out with the crows. even though i am called 'cat,' i am really a crow

so many other things, I cannot recall...

believe kindness is one of the
greatest virtues

working all sides of the brain + heart,
trying to do good in the world + have some fun

know that it is important to enjoy something every single day

+ to love and to laugh

you can read more about my work here.

(other tidbit of fun: a couple of women poets pounded out a poem for my pseudonym on a vintage typewriter even! you can read it here.)

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