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Through A Garden Wall

An Atypical Love Story—
Cosmic, Comic, Romantic, Exotic…

A complex work—cerebral and philosophic—Through a Garden Wall is also passionate, playful, puzzling and purposeful…a love mystery sprouting out of a semiotic wonderland... What happens upon passing through a garden wall all depends on the garden. For Louis and Alyce, is it Paradise, Wonderland, no man's land or hell? Renegade priest goes rogue and falls in love with a broken-hearted not-quite maiden, a fledgling medievalist whose preoccupation with a medieval poem can't fully take her mind off of her own personal quest. A romping gallop through supernatural, literary and spiritual playgrounds, drawing from medieval challenge games, the Green Man and the Alice tales, tarot and Voodoo, faery, Shakespeare and more, Through a Garden Wall twists and turns between those elements and the extremes of logic and nonsense, addressing our need to make meaning and sense of our lives, to make them our own and how love often takes us through walls into places not of our own making or control—often forcing trust, sometimes imposing fear and usually altering us. And if we are lucky, enchanting us as well. Welcome to the Garden!

Essentially a book about love and liveliness and life, Garden Wall will enchant readers of such writers as Byatt, Eco, García Márquez and, of course, Carroll and the Gawain poet, along with lovers of logic, nonsense, semiotics and puns—and above all, love.

"I have greatly enjoyed reading Through A Garden Wall. The characters intrigued me from the first page and I was fascinated by the plot's wonderful mix of literary and spiritual elements. I found the concepts original and the story very appealing on the whole." Amelia Sheldon, Editor, Villard Books, a publishing imprint of Random House

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