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Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

The Two Magicians: An Atypical Love Story by C. St. Sinclair is a sizzling blend of romance and erotica, but the erotic aspect of the story is so loud it could play down some of the beautiful elements of the narrative. The reader is introduced to April and Luke and their unusual encounter at a bar, and how Luke’s curiosity about April’s book, left carelessly or intentionally on the bar, creates the connection that will take them on a sensual, romantic, and wooing ride to many places and heights of passion. 

The sex is intense, and there is very little action, apart from what happens in the bedroom. But the pair shares exciting conversations that will, undoubtedly, entertain many readers. If you’re looking for romance with a lot of action and a powerful storyline, then you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for great spice in an intensive sexual encounter, then this book is filled with exciting ideas. 

C. St. Sinclair writes beautifully and in a focused manner, and there is a sensual beauty in her prose that is hard to ignore. The setting comes across beautifully, but quite often, the reader is tucked in a corner of the room watching the two magicians explore the art of lovemaking. The narrative voice is strong and exciting, betraying a playfulness that will appeal greatly to natural flirts. The themes of love, passion, romance and adventure are beautifully explored. The Two Magicians: An Atypical Love Story is intense, fraught with passion, and the writing is filled with psychological insights that will entertain readers and keep them reading. 

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The Two Magicians

An Atypical Love Story—
Erotic, Crazy, Romantic, Exotic…

Erotic romance fiction writer, April, momentarily leaves her book on the bar. Combustion happens when scientist, Luke, helps himself to an illicit peek and life for each of them is never again the same. Salt and lusciousness, grit and gorgeousness, a celebration of sexual passion, love, book thievery, ducks and giraffes, hearts unfolding and two places unlike any other on earth.

Set in Wonderland in the Pacific Northwest's Portland and in the miracle that is Vietnam, the two magicians, April and Luke, dance their dance of pursuit and flight and, in the end, who really catches whom?

An exploration of self-discovery wrapped in a quirky love story—explicitly erotic and emotionally romantic, witty and comic, sizzling and sensual—The Two Magicians makes magic of love and desire.

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