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Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

The Towels: An Erotic and Sometimes Comic Tale of Lust, Discontent, Longing & Love by C. St. Sinclair is a sizzling romance with many twists and surprises, a book that explores the anatomy of sex and lust. This is a book for adult readers, and those who do not want to feel sexually aroused while they read should not start reading at all. Also, it is only fair to warn that this isn’t the kind of book to read in public. The title of the book captures its very essence, describing it succinctly. You won’t find anything other than that: lust, sex, discomfort and, perhaps, a semblance of love. 

Meet Dev, a man who seems bored with himself and with life, who takes a laundry job in a hotel. Working the hotel laundry takes him away from the public, and perhaps allows him to keep his dirty secrets to himself. He gets irritated when a guest complains about late delivery of laundry towels. Things suddenly change when the shy and beautiful Agnes, the girlfriend of a hotel guest, calls. Dev invites himself for dinner and everything turns very rapidly into an intense sexual adventure, a sensual ride to a place of no return. Meet two strangers as they explore each other's emotional and sensual worlds. 

C. St. Sinclair has a great gift for prose which features powerful descriptions of exploding sexual emotions. The sex is intense, and it happens a lot throughout the story. I enjoyed the depth of the characters. The Towels: An Erotic and Sometimes Comic Tale of Lust, Discontent, Longing & Love presents the finesse of erotica and readers will enjoy both the sensual intensity of the story, the humor, the exciting characters, and the storyline. What captivated me most was the strong writing; it is as seductive as the subject matter it speaks about. 

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The Towels

An Erotic & Sometimes Comic Tale of
Lust, Discontent, Longing & Love

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?

It's steamy in the laundry today. Clever and unbounded, bored and adrift, Dev is taking a reflective time-out by working the hotel laundry. But he's no typical laundry worker, and he lives out at least a couple of twisty secrets or three.

The laundry lets him avoid working with the public while he contemplates his future. But a guest's insult over a failed delivery of fresh towels manages to reach him anyway, and it ignites his irritation. So when the guest's shy and beautiful girlfriend, Agnes, comes calling, he invites himself over to the couples' rooms for dinner and insinuates himself into their lives, upending everything, his secrets leaking out in unexpected ways, ultimately shifting the shape of everything for each of them.

Wrong place at the wrong time? Or is it the right place and the right time after all? An exploration of self-discovery wrapped in a quirky love story—explicitly erotic and emotionally romantic, witty and comic, sizzling and plushly sensual—The Towels delivers. It's hot in the laundry today…

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