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Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

Avril isn't looking for anything at all when she wanders down into the bar for a drink and a little editing, but something definitely comes out of it. A chance meeting with an older man who is different from anyone she's ever known. Peter isn't the only one whose life is changing after all, though he couldn't have imagined what would happen by meeting Avril that night either. The games that the two of them bring out in each other and that they invent together are going to make some magic happen for each of them, and prepare them for a future neither one could ever imagine. But Peter isn't the only one that Avril finds herself torn about in The Gamesters: An Erotic Tale of Love & Backfired Revenge by C. St. Sinclair.

The main characters in this book are very intriguing. They aren't your average people because there's a whole lot going on in each of their lives. It's fun how they start out their relationship and how it evolves over time without either of them really even realizing what they're getting into. But the games they play to bring each other out of their shell, and the ways that they each evolve, even outside the relationship (whatever it might be), are not something you'll easily forget. The Gamesters by C. St. Sinlair is about strength and growth for each of the characters throughout. You never know what's going to happen to either of them next, and that's something that keeps you reading even longer.

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Aurora B Review: The Gamesters: A Fun Read!

An erotic tale....not just a love story. Fun. Moody. Intense. Nice surprises.

The obsessive behavior has a messiness to it that leads one down a suspenseful path.Almost reminded me of playing the game Clue. The story really could have gone in any direction and since a lot of the story details were fresh and new, it added to the suspense element. It was intriguing how it came together.









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The Gamesters

An Erotic Tale of Love &
Backfired Revenge…

An erotic psychological melodrama driven by one man's grief over his lost wife and his quests for new love and old revenge—

Three people collide in a heady mix of lust, mistrust, deceit and yet strange and surprising affections. For Peter, Angel and Hund, the trip to their own personal hells becomes a short, sharp intersecting ride. How can they escape and move toward their own personal heavens when their paths are so intertangled with baggage, plots, traps, fictions and misunderstandings?

Seeking solutions, they challenge, threaten and toy with each other, each making a game board of their lives on a sea of mysterious pools and personal rip tides of emotions, curling them inside themselves on their fateful journeys to and from each other and back again.

And when the two driven men face off to—literally—win the woman they are playing for?  They forget she's in the game as well.  But she does not. Game on! May everybody win.

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