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Reviewed by independent writer and editor, Jack Magnus, for Readers' Favorite,

The Adjustments: An Erotic Tale of Three; A Troubled Tale of Four is an erotic romance novel written by C. St. Sinclair. Bellingham, Washington still offered an entirely new set of experiences for Ara; her environs were filled with the unfamiliar, such as the seaside building perched on a pier that looked to her as though a strong wind could blast through the narrow wooden slats that were its walls and a healthy gust of rain find its way through the moss-covered roof. Even the doors were old and rickety, and they protested loudly as she entered the premises. As she peered through the gloom, Ara was stunned by the sight of the lone man at the bar. He was lovely, and his delight in seeing her made following his invitation to sit with him something she couldn't, rather, didn't want to resist. His name was Hund, and just being there with him made her pulse race, made her feel excited and shy and tuned in so precisely to their being in that moment and place together. Then she noticed that there was a drink sitting by his and saw, coming from the washroom, another lovely man approach. Hund's friend was named Lucan Robert, and the two of them would entice and beguile her, and Ara began to realize that she had come home.

C. St. Sinclair's erotic contemporary fiction novel, The Adjustments: An Erotic Tale of Three; A Troubled Tale of Four, is a taut and breathtakingly beautiful story about an author of erotic novels who finds herself falling deeply in love with two men. The description of the trio's first night is masterfully and powerfully written as Ara finds herself overwhelmed by the sensuality of the music, the tenderness and wonder at her two new friends, and the sensations she feels at their impromptu lovemaking. As one might expect, there are the inevitable frictions that take place as the two men begin to compete, and their arrangement seems doomed to fail due to jealousy, insecurity and the unresolved issues concerning Hund's deceased wife.

St. Sinclair's novel is in part a psychological thriller, which I found irresistible as the three lovers work through the issues of their changing lives; the darkness of envy and jealousy; and the at-times tenuous survival of their new family. The author's erotic passages are transcendentally gorgeous and filled with a spirit of bliss and innocence, and her story was a joy to read. The reader can't help but get involved with her characters, who are each complex and infinitely human in their passions, frailties and commitment to each other. The Adjustments: An Erotic Tale of Three; A Troubled Tale of Four is most highly recommended.

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The Adjustments

An Erotic Tale of Three;
A Troubled Tale of Four…

When two long-time friends find they are unable to stop themselves from competing for the beautiful woman they've just met, the surprising opportunity to share in her affections seems the ideal solution. Not only might the two men preserve their close friendship, but the sex is hypnotically intoxicating and she quickly becomes their new found friend. A welcome addition to their little family of two, she becomes a delightful participant in their verbal play and banter, in their joie de vivre and camaraderie, and a newly beloved disrupting fixture in their lives.

But then a forceful fourth shows up to the party uninvited—that being green-faced jealousy—an indiscriminate lover who is more than happy to share partners as well. And more than happy to cause unhappy disruption all around.

An exploration of friendship, tangled limbs, tangled hearts and tortured selves—explicitly erotic and emotionally romantic, witty and comic, sizzling and sensual—The Adjustments is about doing exactly that: what and how do we adjust ourselves and our surroundings to best live happy, fulfilled and loving lives? Including loving ourselves. Especially when trouble comes calling…and how do we send that unwelcome guest out the door while keeping the guests we want inside?

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Featured 5-Star Amazon Review: Deep and compelling character study...

Featured 5-Star Amazon Review:
A beautiful, smart alternative romance. I love this book

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